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PSiO is a revolutionary tool which combines 3 techniques

The sound and light rhythms (which lead the mind to the famous "alpha waves of relaxation").
Relaxation therapy and suggestion (which allow body and mind relaxation).
Chromotherapy (the new science that uses colors to relax deeply).
The PSIO and its programs help you relax and deal with stress and other blockages to reach total wellbeing.

PSIO GLASSES. psio-glasses-laying-amazing

The PSiO technology has been used for over 20 years in recovery rooms, sleep laboratory and also hospitals to replace or reduce painkillers and sedatives that are normally administered alongside local or loco-regional anesthesia to counter stress during surgery.

Light therapy glasses look a little futuristic, casting a blue light over the eyes and onto the face. In some ways, they are. But light therapy delivered via glasses also relies on science that is as old as time.

The use of light therapy glasses may be helpful to manage circadian mood and sleep disorders like seasonal affective disorder (SAD), insomnia, and jet lag. They may offer a boost of energy on a winter morning. How do light therapy glasses work and are they right for you? Learn about phototherapy, circadian rhythms, and the usefulness of artificial light delivered via glasses for several conditions.

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